What's Drewdle?

Drewdle is a powerful web application that let's you Create, Share, Learn and Collaborate, plus a whole lot more...

Who should use Drewdle?

Anyone! It's simplicity is what makes it perfect for people of all ages and lifestyles. Anyone can create, save, share, edit and more in just minutes.

Getting Started...

To get started, visit the Drewdle Pad interface here. Start Drewdling by pressing the mouse button down while moving the cursor around the screen. The pencil tool is selected by default. You can also use the line tool for creating straight lines. Other options include: tip width (thickness of stroke), tip alpha (opacity of stroke), stoke color (216 to choose from), fill option (fill using the pencil or set to no fill to just show the stroke), fill color, fill opacity.

Animated Playback!

When you create a Drewdle, your actions are recorded and are played back in order. Send a friend a Drewdle, it is just like you are there in front of them. Each movement is played back to show exactly how you created your Drewdle.

Unlimited Editing Capabilities...

Because of the way Drewdle Pad Technology works, even saved actions can be undone! That's right, so if you create a Drewdle and save it and come back to the Drewdle site the next day you can change the actions you made the day before! Just load a saved Drewdle and select the undo option. There is no limit to undo and redo actions. How cool is that!

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