Drewdle Pad Overview

Drewdle Pad includes many tools for creating Interactive Illustrations. These tools have been grouped into 3 different classes according to each tools use on the Drewdle Pad.

  1. Drawing Tools

  2. Animation Tools

  3. File Tools

Drawing Tools...

Drewdle is interfaced with a number of drawing tools to help you get your Drewdle just right and as quickly as possible.


First off, Drewdle at present, is capable of creating 216 different color at full alpha (100%) with many more times that number being generated using different alpha levels.

  • Stage Color - refers to the background color of document.

  • Fill Color - refers to the fill color of drawn step if fill is selected and tool is not a line.

  • Tip Color - refers to the stroke color of the drawn step.


Both a drawn fill and stroke have alpha controls. Alpha is the level of opacity/transparency and is measured from 0-100. 0 being completely transparent and 100 being completely opaque. By using values in between 0 and 100 you can create multidimensional effects of layering.

Fill Alpha  +Tip Alpha

While there is a no fill option, there is not a no tip option. If you wish to draw using only a fill and no tip - simply set the tip alpha to 0 (zero).

Clear Stage

You can clear the stage at any time by selecting the Clear Stage option:
Clear Button

You will be asked to confirm your action as this step cannot be undone.

Undo and Redo

With Drewdle you can undo actions from a saved document. So in other words if you saved something yesterday, you can load it into the Drewdle Pad and select Undo and it will start undoing the steps you made before saving it.

Because of the way Drewdle was created there are some really new application features available. This is one of the most talked about.

Undo and Redo

Have unlimited steps on any document until a new step is created after undoing actions. If you undo an action and create a new action in it's place the undone action cannot be brought back.

Select Tool

There are currently 9 tools for you to draw with in Drewdle Pad. You will find each and every tool has it's benefits as well as limitations.

All of them have a tip width option that lets you set the stroke thickness from 1-50 pixels in width.
Tip Width

  • Pencil Tool - you can use the pencil tool with or without fill to draw freehand. If you are using a fill - the fill will start as soon as you start drawing. Be aware that you can draw into the fill. We suggest trying it out to understand just how it works.
    Pencil Tool

  • Line Tool - the line tool has no fill and therfore will ignore any fill settings. The line tool creates a 2 point line using the stroke options only.
    Line Tool

  • Rectangle Tool - this tool will create a filled or non filled rectangle which locks to your starting point and can be drawn out to any size or perspective.
    Rectangle Tool

  • Oval Tool - the oval tool creates a filled or non filled oval shape and is locked at the oval's focus (center) and drawn outward.
    Oval Tool

  • Diamond Tool - think of this as a rectangle tool on a 45°angle.
    Diamond Tool

  • Trangle Tools (North, South, East, West) - each of these tools create triangles with different focal points (locked point) and are intended to give you the ability to draw triangles that point in the direction of the tool's name.
    Triangle Tools

Animation Tools...

Drewdle Pad records your actions and inserts each entry into memory. When a drawing is played back it is in animation mode by default and therefore it will iterate through each step of your actions to recreate your Drewdle as if it were being drawn right before you.

To animate a drawing:

  1. Draw something on the stage if you have not already done so.

  2. Click on the "Animate Button" which looks like this:
    Animate Button

  3. While the Drewdle is being drawn the following controls will appear:
    Animation Controls
    and will disappear when the Drewdle has finished animating.

You will notice the pencil tool will animate much slower than a shape or line tool. This is because Drewdle animates based on points. A line has 2 points and therefore will draw itself very quickly. A triangle has 3 points, square 4 and so on. However the pencil tool will create new points each time it enters a new pixel and therefore contains much more data, resulting in a slower animation.

Animation Controls:

While the Drewdle is in playback (animation) mode it is possible to pause and resume the animation using the Pause and Play buttons:
Pause Button + Play Button

You can also set the speed of the animation anytime using the animation Speed slider: Speed Slider

If you would like to skip the animation and return to the fully drawn Drewdle, simple press the stop button:
Stop Button

File Tools...

Creating a Drewdle account will surely enhance your Drewdle experience. Registered users can:

Saving A Drewdle...

Click the save Drewdle button:
Save Drewdle Button

If you are not signed in you will be asked to either sign in or register. Registration will not take you away from the Drewdle Pad page - keeping your drawing intact for saving!

Upon registering or signing in you will be asked to "Enter a name for this art" the name (minimum of 6 characters) can be anything you like. We suggest keeping your names as descriptive as possible.

Your Drewdle is now saved!

Now that your Drewdle is saved - any future work you do on this Drewdle will need to be saved as well. To resave a Drewdle to ensure you have the most current version, simply click the save button. Your Drewdle data is sent behind the scenes to our server for processing, overwriting the older file.

Loading A Drewdle...

Click the load Drewdle button:
Load Drewdle Button

If you are not already signed in you will be asked to either sign in or register. Upon signing in you will see the file menu. The file menu consists of all the Drewdles you have saved to your account as well as user options such as: delete, linkto and share.

To open a saved Drewdle using the file menu simply click the Drewdle you want to load. Drewdles appear as a Title followed by the creation date.

Modifying A Drewdle...

You can modify a saved Drewdle in a number of ways. One of them is as unique as Drewdle itself!

If you open a saved Drewdle that you created months earlier, you can use the undo option to undo actions from that time period. How cool is that?

You can then modify the Drewdle further by drawing additions and overwriting that portion of the documents history. The Drewdle will still remain capable of unlimited undo and redo.

To save a modified Drewdle document simply click the save Drewdle button.
Save Drewdle Button

Deleting a Drewdle...

Click the load Drewdle button:
Load Drewdle Button

If you are not already signed in you will be asked to either sign in or register. Upon signing in you will see the file menu. The file menu consists of all the Drewdles you have saved to your account.

Select the Drewdle from the list that you wish to delete and click the X (delete Drewdle button) beside that file.

The Drewdle file menu will refresh. The Drewdle you deleted should will no longer be on your list of Drewdles.

Sharing And Emailing Drewdles...

You can share and email Drewdles to anyone, anytime. If you are not already signed in you will be asked to either sign in or register. Upon signing in you will see the file menu. The file menu consists of all the Drewdles you have saved to your account. It also has 2 additional features: "Link To This" and "Share This".

Link to this simple creates a dynamic url (link) opening in a new window that can be used to visit that Drewdle anytime without being signed in.

Share this actually sends out emails to whoever you like with a link to the Drewdle. You can email as many peaple as you like at the same time - simply seperate the email addresses with commas.

You can also Share on popular networks on The Web such as Facebook Facebook and Digg Digg.

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